“Why Silk Road Super Grid & Silk Road Eco-Village?

To turn climate crisis into opportunity for well-being of people & promotion of renewable energy as new industry…”

-Nobel Prize winner,

Rae Kwon Chung

Welcome to the Book

"Dutch Innovations & The New Silk Road"

The project was born in Astana, during the visit of the Innovation Media The Cities Mayors Forum “Global Silk Road” on July 2018.
The Book is about how to Dutch innovations influence could create sustainable, productive and lovable metropolitan space of the New Silk Road.

The New Silk Road is the new Road of the Asia and Europe economy and is a major driver of the EURASIA economic growth.
This new metropolitan infrastructures need sustainable energy and efficient water flow, green food production and ecological neighbourhoods, smart supply chains and logistics solutions for modern transportations.

The book features

Total of 300 pages
Limited print edition ONLY 500 print books
Plotting Dutch innovations journey along the new Silk Road
The content of the Book will share between the Eurasian regions and Dutch innovations

What we offer

This Book is an international trustworthy platform of innovations and sustainable solutions for the countries along the New Silk Road, which connects East and West. Innovations and modern technologies have a power of positive impact on the New Silk Road regions.

We have preserved the tradition format of storyteller: The Book, which connect regions and business. This Book, limited print editions, will be traveling via the network of the Embassies, which are economical and trade united by the New Silk Road. The Book gives an opportunity for Dutch companies and entrepreneurs to tell their stories how Dutch innovations can add value to new transformation metropolitan areas of EURASIA regions.